Vitamin C: a true skin hero

Vitamin C, or L-ascorbic acid is a powerful antioxidant that neutralises harmful free radicals. It also inhibits tyrosinase which catalyses the production of melanin. This means that it protects the skin from being damaged by environmental pollutants and has the power to improve and prevent mild to moderate hyperpigmentation.

This skincare hero aids your skins natural regeneration, repairs damaged skin cells and may protect the skin from precancerous changes caused by UV. On top of this, because of vitamin C’s acidic qualities it triggers the production of collagen and elastin within the skin matrix.

Using it in the form of a pure serum gives better results than creams or lotions because it less likely to be contaminated or neutralised and can pass through the skin’s barrier more easily. When you buy your vitamin C serum it should come packaged in a dark glass vial to stop light and air neutralising it.

Vitamin C is available in different strengths from 5% to 20%. As a general rule of thumb for most people it is advisable to titrate the strength of your serum, so that your skin can become accustomed to this powerful product. If you’re prone to breakouts a weaker concentration is better as stronger doses may worsen your acne. If you have any redness or allergy you may need to discontinue use, but please consult your skincare practitioner for ongoing management.

Skincare regimes can be confusing, but with a little knowledge you can add this fantastic product to your regime easily. Here is my basic skincare regime for those of you not on treatment plans.

AM: Gentle cleansing wash > Toner > Vitamin C > Moisturiser > SPF 30-50

PM: Gentle cleansing wash > Toner > Vitamin A > moisturiser

NEVER use Vitamin C and Vitamin A at the same time as the products interact and can cause skin irritation at worst. At best, they just won’t work.

My favourite Vitamin C serums are the Obagi Professional-C range, which come in concentrations of 10% to 20%. This is such a potent range that you only need 4-6 drops to massage into your face and neck.

Benefits of Vitamin C:
– Improves uneven texture and colour
– Improves acne scarring
– Improves fine lines and wrinkles
– Improves dullness
– Reduces and prevents hyperpigmentation
– Can prevent precancerous changes
– Repairs damaged skin cells
– Triggers collagen and elastin production

Just like my SPF, I never go a day with out my Obagi Professional-C 20%.

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