What’s new in 2022!

Happy belated New Year!

As you may remember, we became CQC registered at the end of last year. This means that I can take the clinic from offering exclusively cosmetic treatments, to offering medical treatments as well.

So what’s new?


First off, we have the wonderful Sarah Appleton joining us to offer ear irrigation services. 

Sarah is an NMC registered Nurse with over 30 years experience. More recently she has been working in General Practice and at the vaccination centres. She is fully qualified in ear irrigation and has a wealth of experience and knowledge on the subject.

Ear irrigation (or syringing) used to be offered in General Practice, but this NHS service stopped when the funding was withdrawn. It is often recommended prior to having hearing tests and hearing aid fittings, and it is also used when there is a large stubborn build up of wax in the ear.

This service with take place on Wednesdays in our CQC registered clinic in Frinton on Sea and costs £80.


I will be starting Rosacea clinics, where you can get individual support and treatment for any problems you may be having with Rosacea.

Rosacea is one of those conditions that is often ignored, suffered or mistaken for acne. Whilst there is no cure, a thorough assessment and excellent management plan can keep any signs and symptoms under control.


Following on from this, I am offering an Acne management clinic for all ages. 

90% of teens suffer from acne and I believe that it is generally poorly managed. From my experience in General Practice I have found that there is little understanding from patients and clinicians alike on the best methods of treatment and maintenance. 

For this reason I’m really excited to be offering this service so that I can help people who have slipped through the net.


Finally, I’ll be training in thread vein treatment and I’m requesting some models to have sclerotherpay at half the price of usual treatment.

This will be really useful for me to be able to market the treatment and show how it works. If you know anyone, or you yourself may be interested drop me a message.And I have one request. You have all been amazing at filling in your Pabau review forms, but I would be very very appreciative if you could each leave me one Google review.

Keeping the business at the top of the search engine and providing Google reviews will be essential for our growth and continuation over the coming year. It would mean so much to me.

Thank you again for all of your continued support. I am so grateful.

Best wishes,


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